Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Marriage leaves a maiden name unused

Another month on and the monday project strikes again. October's theme of  'Marrying left your maiden name disused' really had me stumped, and still sort of does. None the less below is my submission for the month. Enjoy.

Together with the doubled up cutlery, toasters, kettles and tvs another maiden name sits unused, gathering dust as a happy marriage continues.


kate said...

awww rhys even when you are late you are still more organised than the rest of us put together hehe

I really like this! I love that its packed away with the fondue set and the platform shoes hehe

PseudoRhys said...

thanks kate. i thought that the fondue and platforms would definitely be in the tatty archive box at the back of the wardrobe.

i hadn't thought that i would be able to come up with anything on this one, but with enough pushing it happened :)