Monday, 7 December 2009

Beary nice

Ever since Leeloo's exhibition 'Once Upon' I have been resorting to nursery rhymes and fairy tales to fill the spaces when I can't think of anything else to draw. And it's working for me, great characters, stories and hidden messages. Though I have ground to a halt on this one while I try to think up what to write on the ribbon. Any suggestions?


deciphertheday said...

"bear necessities" - loving the new look of your blog! I like the carrier pigeon...anything with birds and people i like :-)

Anna Laura said...

Hahha I'm laughing at the last comment. I was going to say something totally stupid like "reprazent biyatch!"

Yeah, I need a cup of tea!

Great to meet you as well, and at Finders Keepers. I can't remember what I said when you came by, so if it made no sense, I'm sorry!

PseudoRhys said...

hey Anna, finders keepers was pretty full on. Hope the day went well for you :) Are you heading back up again soon?