Thursday, 26 March 2009

Place of the dead

Wandering the streets on a new route home I slipped through the gates of the church and followed fence around the cemetery . Hidden from the sounds of the city behind tall sandstone walls the broken tombstones and tall grass give the impression of a place forgotten by all, yet the well worn track winding through the plots suggests otherwise. 

St Andrews Cross spiders have strung their massive webs just to the side of the thoroughfare and wait patiently for their prey. In one web a male slowly and cautiously approached a female well aware that the situation could only end badly.

Old gravestones were subsiding and opening up holes in the ground, leading to mental images of the dead rising and roaming the grounds by night. The dense trees and open spaces play with the light across the site obstructing the view like a curved road leaving you always wondering what is just around the corner.

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