Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Public Transport

While zooming through traffic on the bus I often use the time to scribble ideas into my sketchbook and spend time reworking or touching up the drawings over a coffee or when the TV decides it has nothing of interest to show. I have tried this many times before but never committed to the entire trip. This time I made it from Circular Quay to the stop around the corner from my place in Camperdown. I positioned myself back and centre and as you can see lurched around for the better part of half an hour. 

On the right you can see where the driver bumped over a kerb startling pedestrians and the passengers who were engrossed in their books. At the top of the page a quick braking when the lights changed and he decided not to run the red this time.

When the hurried takeoffs did not match the rapid braking the pencil moved across the page creating densities of line as the bumpy roads moved my hand sometimes even to the point where it left the page - landing on a different area.

One day I will take the same journey and see if the road tells the same story again.

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