Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Good intentions

As seems to be the story all over creative town the good intentions to put the mind to work over the christmas break have fallen in a heap. I am no exception, so I apologise for not having anything creative to show for my two weeks away. Though thats not to say that nothing will come of it.

Having spent my two weeks frantically catching up with friends and family from Albury to Melbourne and a few places in between I'm sure I picked up some inspiration along the way. 

While pen rarely met paper, the bicycle infatuation of mine was working overtime and I came away with a 1980's Centurion roadbike. On a whim I had it changed to a single speed and haven't looked back. Though I keep being tempted to upgrade components, especially the pedals.

My new toy

Now with dust of Christmas and New Years settling I can get back to my art and hopefully share some more here, and meet some more of you in my adventures.