Thursday, 22 July 2010

get your work seen - new competitions

a couple of great sounding design slash arty comps which have popped up on my radar today are mother tongue (with is more of a online exhibition than a comp), being run by indigo design network, and positive posters new comp with the theme of 'glass half full'. grab the briefs on their sites.

i can't wait to see the submissions showing up online.

Update: if you are ever looking for a comp to work something up for visit the graphic competitions site

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Art of Brewing

at ambush last week

these darkened streets

every time i take a walk through my neighbourhood i catch a glimpse of something i have never taken the time to commit to long term memory before, and quite often i will comment on the same 'new' interesting thing many times. walking up victoria street newtown gave me a back in france moment which was quite a pleasant surprise. followed by some wild 'budapest'ish' powerlines and german signage. 

i wonder what i will 'find' next time i go for a walk

Friday, 9 April 2010

so far a quiet year for the blog

So far this year has been a bit of a fizzer for the ol' blog. Mostly because I have spent so much time driving the mouse and not enough behind a pencil. Fortunately a couple of projects were realised.

Firstly a cycling jersey I designed for a friend in Canada was produced for the GatiGators triathlon team. With textured skin and yellow eyes it is certainly something different.

How hot is the helmet hair in this pic!

Also a colleagues performance 'click tease' needed a poster for the Adelaide fringe festival, which kept me busy in the lead up.

I even managed to fit in going to Semi-Permanent in Sydney.

Then finally, for easter, headed out of the city for a country break. Below is a quick sketch I put to paper to leave at the farm-stay in Ruffy, and a photo from my vantage point on the hill.

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

The Naked Truth

After convincing myself I wanted to wake up at 3am, go into the city, get naked and stand with thousands of others I finally did it. Joining the 5000 other people on the steps of the Opera house and then in the concert hall for Spencer Tunick to snap a few frames. It was an amazing experience being surrounded by a surreal landscape of bodies.
Hopefully one day I get to do it again!

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

pandas and birds

A little sketch from the plane back from Albury after a Christmas.

Life drawing

The first life drawing for the year at the Sando saw a return of the model from July last year.

3x five minutes

five minutes

five minutes

ten minutes

ten minutes

twenty minutes

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Good intentions

As seems to be the story all over creative town the good intentions to put the mind to work over the christmas break have fallen in a heap. I am no exception, so I apologise for not having anything creative to show for my two weeks away. Though thats not to say that nothing will come of it.

Having spent my two weeks frantically catching up with friends and family from Albury to Melbourne and a few places in between I'm sure I picked up some inspiration along the way. 

While pen rarely met paper, the bicycle infatuation of mine was working overtime and I came away with a 1980's Centurion roadbike. On a whim I had it changed to a single speed and haven't looked back. Though I keep being tempted to upgrade components, especially the pedals.

My new toy

Now with dust of Christmas and New Years settling I can get back to my art and hopefully share some more here, and meet some more of you in my adventures.