Sunday, 3 April 2011

blue ewe downs

Blue Ewe Downs

I've started playing along with a second blog this week, so it gives me something to aim for between Monday Project themes. The creatives over at Sparkapolooza put up a theme every couple of weeks and their latest was an open brief but had to include: you, an animal, the colour blue, money and a bottle.
The graphic designer in me just had to do some packaging and a play on words so above is my latest vintage 'Blue Ewe Downs'.

Saturday, 2 April 2011

beach baths

Toes in the sand

Once again the Monday Project has added creativity to my month. This time with the theme 'beach baths'. I have referenced the style of David Hockney which I found because of Forgers Masterclass, which has become my sunday evening addiction of late.

It was great to apply paint to a canvas with a roller, it seems as though you achieve a lot in a small amount of time.