Thursday, 22 July 2010

get your work seen - new competitions

a couple of great sounding design slash arty comps which have popped up on my radar today are mother tongue (with is more of a online exhibition than a comp), being run by indigo design network, and positive posters new comp with the theme of 'glass half full'. grab the briefs on their sites.

i can't wait to see the submissions showing up online.

Update: if you are ever looking for a comp to work something up for visit the graphic competitions site

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Art of Brewing

at ambush last week

these darkened streets

every time i take a walk through my neighbourhood i catch a glimpse of something i have never taken the time to commit to long term memory before, and quite often i will comment on the same 'new' interesting thing many times. walking up victoria street newtown gave me a back in france moment which was quite a pleasant surprise. followed by some wild 'budapest'ish' powerlines and german signage. 

i wonder what i will 'find' next time i go for a walk