Thursday, 29 September 2011

Inspired by tape

Inspired by tape

This is my third and final submission for the AGDA poster annual and the theme inspired by music.

Having already submitted 'caged by routine' and 'the Beat and the Melody' I started thinking about what has changed in music, any why nowadays I spend more time listening to the radio than my iTunes library. I decided it was because I miss the story of the album and that the ability to shuffle my library has  made me less observant of what has been compiled by the artist.

My memory skipped back to laying on my bed killing hours listening to music with the low hum of the tape moving from spool to spool. And long hours in the car on family road-trips with the auto changer taking us from the A-side to the B-side and back over and over again. All the while the composition of the album taking us on a journey that is now missed by skipping or worse still not purchasing. 

There are albums from my uni days I can't bear to listen to out of sequence, or feel like I'm missing something when the strange little interludes are jumped over in the hurry to get to the next pulse racing anthem.

I suppose that's why I like a good live set or even music dvd – the story is unavoidable.

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

The Beat and the Melody

The Beat and the Melody  
'One spring afternoon the Beat asked the Melody to meet in a park not far from here. Melody showed up in a white dress. Conveniently all their friends were there when they gave their lives to each other. Now the Beat has a melody to keep his head in the clouds and the Melody has a beat to keep her feet on the ground'.

This is second submission for the AGDA Poster Annual and the theme of 'inspired by music'. The idea behind this poster came ready made being that I attended the wedding of the Beat and the Melody.

Sunday, 25 September 2011

Caged by routine

Caged by routine

This is the first of my submissions for the AGDA poster annual which explores the theme of 'inspired by music'. 

When thinking about the theme I reflected on the way I use music to relax or escape from the day to day grind and the positive difference music makes to my immediate environment. So even when caged, putting on my headphones can help me to escape the boredom.

AGDA poster annual

So the ADGA Poster Annual finalists have been released which is very exciting. I had a go this year but missed out on making the shortlist. But I did had fun putting together a few submissions which I'm still happy with. I'll them up this week and look forward to seeing the winners on the 21st of October at the Gaffa Gallery.