Sunday, 10 May 2009

Bike update

Having spent far too much time browsing websites trying to find out what model this beast is I have decided it is the most like the PX-10E as described on this site I found. Apparently the PX-10 was very collectable, the PX-10E a little more mass produced but still very desirable. The PX-10 has a good heritage outlined here, including some Tour de France wins.

I have managed to clean the frame, chain and most of the components fairly comprehensively. Though the chain did take 4 days of soaking in turps to free up all of the links. I have also used over half a can of citrus degreaser in the process of removing the years of grease, dust and oil. It was a very satisfying to watch it become white again.

With brand names and serial numbers becoming readable again I can tell that a few components have been replaced over the years. Replacing the Simplex Prestige front derailleur with a Shimano Suntour, and the MaFac Competition rear brake with a Shimano Tourney.

I have managed to salvage most of the parts including the jockey wheels which I had previously believed I would have to replace. All they needed was a lot of attention from a plastic scourer. Now the only parts which needs professional attention (because I can't justify buying the tool) are getting the crank pulled, cleaned and put back together and the same for the rear cassette. Just so that it all flows better and the grinding noises stop. I think I will get the boys down at Cheeky Transport to do the work as they have a mission statement that fits well with this kind of project. And they had a very similar model hanging in the shop which looked awesome with its fresh paintwork and decals.

Apparently I should be able to get a repaint  for around $300 and decals are available. But that might have to wait a while. Lets see how much use this bike gets when it is sitting in next to my other much more refined rides.

Parts which I will probably still have to get are a new chain, new brake pads, new seat post (if I want the bike to be tall enough for me to ride) and new tyres (the old Dunlop gum walls are looking a little haggard).

Next on the list is to give the brake calipers a polish to see if the weathering will come off. Though if it doesn't it's only cosmetic so I can get onto either re-assembling it or get it down to the shop to take it apart, and maybe order some new parts.

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