Friday, 31 July 2009


I had always taken typefaces for granted until I went to uni and spent my time ploughing through assignments attempting to create a visual hierarchy. Since then I have attempted to sit down and create all of the characters of the alphabet a few times. The challenge always coming when one or two stood from the rest, and I just couldn't work out how to give the rest that edge to make them work together. Thanks to my inability to create one great set –(or is it that I am not one of those blessed with the patience to create it) I now take the time to admire the work that goes into the characters. Though I usually have favourite characters.

Now i hope to share a collection of fonts that I picked up at Berkelouw books last weekend. A fantastic selection of decorative typefaces. My aim is to use each page as a header for my blog so that you too can enjoy them, so keep an eye on that space.

I hope someone has taken the time to digitize these families so that they can appear in some fine print publications. Keep an eye out for some of the very ornate lettering as it pops up.

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Jess Bradford said...

I'm loving your type face header!
also i am totally the same,
when I actually take the time to look or I find new type faces I love them. But I don't have any sort of skill or patience with them at all! and when I try to describe them to ppl it usually ends up like: it was curvy with the curvy bits but quite thick and then had sharp angles in it when it changed from a stroke to a curve...useless.

anyway thanks for the hilarious comment on my blog. Looking forward to more stuff from you.