Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Rivcoll's new logo

A little while ago I saw that my old university (Charles Sturt) had undergone a rebrand. And while digging around I saw that what was the student union (now the SRC) in Wagga Wagga was undergoing their own rebrand and were asking for submissions for a new logo. I thought it would be a great opportunity to give something back, and have fun along the way.

For a first submission I decided to push for an icon which could leverage the University's new brand, showing that they were linked. I knew this would probably get knocked on the head, but certainly was worth a discussion.

Submission 1

After the discussion was had and it was ruled out as an option it came back to me as a bit of a frankenstein with two logos combined. I made it my task to take this version and polish and develop it into a logo which hopefully has longevity and will help Rivcoll present itself with a professional identity.

As you can see the crow survived the first chop and once the restriction of the CSU logo shapes i had used were removed I added extra detail on the head. I also worked on the text and fixed the kerning and created a ligature for the R and i.

Ultimately it came down to a committee decision and one of the top three I had submitted was chosen.

Today I jumped online to see that it is now used on their website, which had also been updated to a much more accessible design. I'm looking forward to seeing it rolled out further.


full logo

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