Wednesday, 27 May 2009

All together again

Having spent Saturday morning putting the now clean Peugeot back together I can proudly say it works. And surprisingly with less new parts than I had anticipated. Making this a lot cheaper than I had feared.

Costs so far:
cleaning stuff $20
trip to cheeky transport (see below) $60
new seat (thanks to the clarence st cycles may sale) $9
chain $30

The biggest cost with this project was getting the local bike shop to pull the crank and head stem apart to grease the bearings and basically make sure the frame was sound. 

All of the other parts cleaned up alright and with some lubrication will serve the purpose for the time being.

The shiny extremities of both stays was a little daunting to tackle as the rust looked like it was making some headway, though with a little elbow grease and some super fine glass sandpaper it came away leaving a shiny yet slightly pitted surface.

The only real problem I have found with this bike is that the small chainring on the crank is very worn and is having fun tearing up my new chain with its jagged teeth. So perhaps it will get an upgrade if the bike gets enough work, even though thats another $100. 

Latest thoughts on the upgrade are some sweep back bars as the recipient of this wicked racer is not ready for the world of dropbars and going as fast as you can. But i'll change that!


kate said...

awww nice!! i love hard rubbish!! i have my eye on some carpet around the corner from my house that i can cover the cold concrete in my workshop with...

what a bargain!! all for only a bit over $100! good find!

PseudoRhys said...

i've even got some use out of it. though not quite as much fun as my other bikes, but it gets me to sydney uni and home