Sunday, 10 May 2009

Free helmets

My fave campaign of the moment. Check out the video here.


Jess Bradford said...

Hey there,
finally found you!
when you left a great comment I wasn't able to click on your name and be magically transported to your site.

But got to you eventually,
love the detail on the Nose Ghoul,
I was thinking of some sort of magnifying glass to indicate his size, but didn't know how to work it in.

Also I really wanted to put some medals or a game card on the duck! Great minds think alike.

Anyway lovely blog
and great images


PseudoRhys said...

glad you found me Jess. I have noticed some likes don't work as you would expect. hopefully it's not something to do with my settings.

thanks for your comments. it was great fun. hopefully we hear back from the competition soon.

will keep an eye on your blog for new projects. keep up the good work