Tuesday, 28 July 2009


It would seem there is a little Angelina Jolie in all of us. Fortunately i'm only adopting unwanted bicycles. Not only are they cheaper ($30) but you can fix them or if it gets too hard you can get rid of them.

This is my new baby. Full of character and mystery. The only identifying marks found so far are: The Malvern Star seat, and 1/81710 stamped into the bracket near the seat post.

The frame looks as though created at a plumbing supplied store, but that is part of the charm. The foot brakes, sweep back bars and mud guards take me back to a time before the sophistication on my other bikes.

Hopefully with a little soap and a lot of sand paper I will be able to clean it up before enjoying a laid back ride with no choices, no gears and probably no brakes!

I haven't pulled this one apart quite as quickly as the Peugeot. But I can see that more work will go into panel beating the mud guards and truing the rims than anything else.

Hopefully with a couple of solid weekends work I can get it back on the road. Watch this space!


sophie said...

What a great project! You'll have to post pictures of your progress.

PseudoRhys said...

yeah. hopefully i get some done this weekend. there are no quick releases on this classic so i'm having trouble getting the right tools to crack open some of the rusted tight bolts. especially the seat post.
hopefully you will be able to spot it tied up on king street sooner rather than later.

Ando said...

Its going to look good once you are done. I like the old school style, any idea how old it is?

PseudoRhys said...

no idea. i joined a vintage bike forum to see if anyone can shed some light. the bolted on rear stays are pretty old school so hopefully will help to identify it.
maybe i will find some more info about it as i tear it down.