Saturday, 15 August 2009

Inspired, but cranky

Once again I am lacking in original content but totally full of ideas. Today was another design festival adventure. This time it was the Young Blood Designer Markets, again at the Powerhouse Museum in Ultimo. Having attended back in 2006 I was looking forward to a sprawling maze of stalls and creative people selling their creations to other creative people – how things have changed. This time the market was constrained to a small area on level one and you spent your time waddling like a penguin, peering over the shoulders of other penguins while they searched for fish.

Even though the space was small and there weren't as many stalls as I had envisaged they were all great. Fantastic designs, fresh ideas or at least fresh interpretations and friendly designers. All well worth the wait in line to get in.

My highlight was the stall of Bespoke Press (who I have been following the blog of) with their collection of prints. I won't provide a photo of the print I purchased, but will link to it once it has been put up on their website. All I can say is wow, their prints are amazing, the indentation and the attention to detail and quality make it worth every cent.

I may have to make my next project to print from the printing block I picked up in London. From their maybe digitise it to keep the letter forms alive.

With a design market under the belt we added a trip through Omnibus lane to see how it had evolved but sadly the idiots of this world had taken it upon themselves to tear down posters, deface art and destroy the perspex piggy bank (to steal the donations inside) among other things. It was supposed to be a exhibition about real social issues, apparently it was the target of some of the problems it was trying to address.

[inspired again]
To right my mistake from last Sunday we strolled up to Gaffa in Surry Hills to see the Alter Ego exhibition which turned out to be well worth the second trip back. My favourite being the everyday items moulded from soap and accompanied by an anecdote from the artists alter ego's life. There were lots of really interesting pieces, though I would have loved to compare the artists work to that of their alter ego ... what do you think?

Lastly to add another passion to the day we passed Deus ex Machina, who had a swap meet happening in the vacant block across the road. So many beautiful bikes. Definitely inspiration to keep working on my project bikes, despite one being too small and the other very hard to fine a new spoke for. Oh well continue the search.

Finishing the day with ice cream it is time to take the inspiration forward and see if I can get something original on here this week. Watch this space.

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sophie said...

The destruction in Omnibus Lane left me sad. Sad that people don't get it, sad that they think they're being cool by destroying something.

That said, the rest of the day was inspiring, despite the horror of the crowds.