Saturday, 1 August 2009

tiny tiny chairs

As part of Saturday in Design, Chandon and Living Edge in Surry Hills ran a miniature chair competition. They supplied you with a kit containing 2 champagne corks (pre distorted by bottle), 2 foil sleeves, 2 wire cages and 2 caps. The concept was to create a miniature chair from these materials and a little glue if you needed it.

Having been given one of these kits I set about procrastinating right up until the night before. Slammed a few ideas onto paper then set about with scalpel and sandpaper to create my lucky chair. The '7'. I managed to drop it off on the due date and then waited patiently until Saturday to find out how I went.

I was excited to just have a piece in the exhibition, but to find out it had made the cut when it went from over 250 down to 60 was awesome. Apparently I should turn my hand to 3D more often than I do.

In the end I didn't win, but the free beer and a day out was what it was really all about.

For all you miniature chair enthusiasts here is a link to Living Edge's blog with some more photos of the tiny tiny chairs.

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