Monday, 28 September 2009

Creative Sundays

Sundays usually consist of a bike ride followed by takeaway food, a beer in the backyard. But this weekend, for a change, I was invited by Sophie to a afternoon of creative/crafty arts. Though I didn't stray from my sketch book it was fantastic to be around creative people and talk about our projects. Can't wait to do it again! Also a big thanks to Iris (for hosting) and Fiona for adding to the creative pool. 

So, the conversation ended on something like 'thats about as likely as a gorilla wearing a pink tutu, marching around a congo drum, hitting it with rubber snakes'. Strangely the image was still in my head the next day, so it deserved a page in my sketchbook.

I have noticed the theme of wind power popping up in a lot of my scratchings lately. I'm not sure if it is because of the weather here, Carly's wind/water powered building or just a fascination at how much power it actually has, and how different levels can make or break your day.


Ben Zen said...

Rhys, sounds like you had a great day, and i love your little kite sketch. I seem to have a recurring theme of boats at the moment, and I had not thought of it, but Soph pointed out that it may be related to my desire to travel!

PseudoRhys said...

thanks Ben

i have a feeling your little man will end up at a harbour, boarding a boat, and going on an adventure!