Sunday, 6 September 2009

my box of sun

After starting again and again on this project I kept getting stuck on the descriptive title of this months challenge provided by the Monday Project. 'A box of sun' told the whole story to me and no matter how I tried to bend my head around to something new I decided to develop on the very basic image in my head. Make sure you click on the image to see it larger and read the text on the box.

Thanks again to Kate and Sophie for getting me to finish at least one creative project each month :)


Ben Zen said...

hehe i like that you've gone for a completely literal interpretation! I didn't get around to anything for this one. I was feeling a bit bla yesterday. Might have a crack at it later in the week if I get a chance :)

PseudoRhys said...

Yeah its a bit 'God said let there be light' so Adam nicked down to the hardware store to buy a sun.

Now that I have put it up I keep thinking it needs a star rating or a batteries not included disclaimer, maybe planets sold separately. Ah well, I'll leave the deep thought for work and keep the impulsiveness for the project. Bring on next month!

Unknown said...

ooh I like.
I really struggled to come up with one idea and stick to it but I will upload my final image soon.

amanda said...

Oh I love your submission this month.The different textures are great.

I am glad to hear everyone had trouble cos I struggled too.