Sunday, 6 September 2009

Why do I even live in Sydney?!

It's a question I have pondered quite a few times and the pros and cons always match up.
We are close to everything! Sooo much traffic.
Lots of friends! I know people everywhere.
Don't have to spend money travelling to the city! City sized rent on the same pay as I could get in the country, hell I could fly to the city every weekend on the difference in the rent.
Coast roads to ride my bike on! Sooo many cars trying to knock me off my bike.
Etcetera! Etcetera.

But then along comes a day like Saturday and Sydney doesn't seem so bad.

My new highly recommend thing to do on a sunny day in Sydney is catch the ferry to Taronga and walk east through the national park to Balmoral. Keep an eye out for the bearded dragons and brown snakes!

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