Saturday, 3 October 2009

and there followed a moments silence

Another month down, though it seems much shorter. With more creative endeavors and weekend filling activities time seems to fly by. Hence my rather rushed submission for the Monday Project's theme of 'and there followed a moments silence' developed into two ideas. One close to home, the other a much larger scale.

Along with running short on time, having a mid 20's designer/illustrator identity crisis doesn't help. As a designer I have been loosely advised to not have a style of my own, but to work to what is best for the purpose. Whereas illustrators are know for their style, it's what makes them salable. Hmm, now I need two mindsets to toggle between.

So to help solve my dilemma (or at least tide me over until I find a less time consuming solution), I am going to put up one illustration in 'my style' (though I am still not entirely sure what that is) and another in which I have tried something different.


kate said...

oh you are so good! you are ALWAYS first and on time :)

i love that picture of the goldfish :( it is definitly distinctively your style! I also am stuck in that designer/jewellery identity crisis... grrr so frustrating!! good luck!

PseudoRhys said...

thanks Kate. the goldfish was my second idea, but definitely my fave.

i only realised it was saturday night instead of sunday after I had posted to you, which is why i thought i was leaving it till the last minute. my time misjudgement was a blessing in disguise because it jump started me for the paper roll project on the 'real sunday'.

working out a personal style seems to be a very common problem and it has been hard to develop further when I didn't have an established base. but feedback of any kind is definitely helpful and makes the style decisions a little quicker.

I can feel it coming along, but i like to dabble. so maybe it is that I have a few different styles, each for a different purpose. Now i just have to refine all of them.

amanda said...

Hahaha the goldfish picture is great. I couldn't think of a single thing for this month. Oh well there is always next month.