Saturday, 17 October 2009

pressure works

It didn't take long to work, less than a day in fact.

With the added motivation of putting it out there and not wanting to let the concept go stale again I have taken my tree house to the next stage of its development. I still see it progressing to a coloured stage with creatures hiding in the branches and people wandering below. It is definitely a while off being finished, but I can justify buying a some nice watercolour paper to accommodate it.

Another project which I have been playing with started last weekend with some acrylic paint being applied to sheets of paper to provide a base layer to work over. With no idea of what I would end up doing with the sheets I was pleasantly surprised when the character from by roll of brown paper made the trip to the big motley blue smear I had applied with a piece of cardboard and a washing up rag.

Tree house

Oh crap

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