Thursday, 15 October 2009

Strange places

Ever get that feeling that you've been there before, even when really you know that if you had, you would have remembered ... well, this was not one of those times. Tatzu Nishi has taken over the Art Gallery of NSW, enclosing (partially) the two bronze statues which guard the entry. It is definitely worth going to visit to get an understanding of the scale that these images don't convey.

Now if you ever pause to ponder 'hey, i think i remember a giant bronze horse and rider mounting my bed' or 'wasn't there a horse in that tv cabinet last week' you can blame Tatzu Nishi.

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Jess Bradford said...

No Way!
I've been to the art gallery a few times in the last couple of months and I never thought of going into the giant boxes placed around the statues!

I just thought they were doing some cleaning or retouching or something....very stupid~!

Ah well when I return I will take a good long look!
Anyways how goes the giant roll of paper? I thought that was an amazing idea, I actually was going to start one once, albeit on a much smaller scale, it was on one of those rolls of paper you feed into the cashier machine for receipts... I gave up before I started!

So I take off my hat to you, good luck! Oh and by the by have you ever heard of Henry Dagar? He worked on giant office sized rolls of paper in absolute secrecy throughout his life. When he died they found a ridiculously long and freaky fantasy story drawn and written out on a couple of these giant rolls!

Anyway, need to be getting back to work, more assignments, more exams! Hopefully we'll head down to white rabbit soonish.

jess b