Thursday, 15 October 2009

Not really blog worthy

Now, I wouldn't usually find this blog worthy (except i've had a couple of drinks), but in my local alley walking adventures I found some havoc caused by a recent storm. Creatively cropped to make it look worse I missed out on the more interesting feature of the tree.

It had already had its upper limbs lopped and carted away. But in true council style, they not only left a giant (word used for effect) tree trunk protruding from a fence line, then stacked the broken palings against it instead of taking either away in the truck they obviously had. 

Under all this chaos is a very sad looking wheelie bin, which will no doubt need some TLC once the tree is removed.

Even after all that the most interesting part was that its a great metaphor (or maybe its the few drinks talking), being that I have been bashing against a creative block for a couple of days. 

Now lets pretend the fence is the creative block (to tall,  to hard, to much effort). To get to the other side I could scale it and drop to the other side with only a small struggle, but then my return trip would involve climbing back up and over (who knows how many times I would have to climb the fence each day/week/year). The rest of the metaphor is that the tree is effort/energy and if instead of avoiding the problem I use the tree to smash my creative fence I won't have to climb back over it to get home. 

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